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Organizations are finding it very difficult to attract, nurture and retain right kind of talent ensuring the organizational growth. i-Chimes provides comprehensive HR Solutions through a single window across various domains to enhance the success of your organization. Our professional services cover all aspects of recruitment, beginning with sourcing and hiring specifically in the IT sector. Besides other skills, we have an extensive database of SAP consultants at all levels to support in various industries such as telecom, healthcare, logistics, consulting etc…

In addition to IT Recruitment i-Chimes is the pioneer in overseas education with quality credentials and our trustworthy services guide students to reach the best possible academic statures based on their academic merit and financial capacity. Dedicated to the objectives of reliability and brilliance, i-Chimes is indeed an expert in the field of overseas education.

Our proficient training staffs prepare the students for IELTS&PTE, and also assist them in delivering top-notch performance in these tests which is the primary steppingstone for those who intend to study abroad.

i-Chimes is also a leader providing soft skill training solutions that are a shortcut to experience in colleges, hospitals & corporate. We focus on training and development with a holistic approach and customize training programs as per our client’s requirement.

i-Chimes provide contemporary, competent, efficacious and interspersed training fortuity for those who need to enhance their skills in order to relish the decorum and enjoy the sovereignty that comes with employment and self- credence.

i-Chimes is a powerful, charismatic communal firm abounding to yield a group of experts who help to enhance the skills and provide a perfect platform to grab the best opportunity that comes.

Services Provided

Sakura Haruno


We offer a team of highly experienced tutors using the most modern methods, excellent resources and facilities in fully equipped Language labs. i-Chimes is preparing you for life. Are you prepared to do what it takes to get these high band scores in your IELTS/PTE ? Read More

John Doe

Soft Skill Training

Inspiration is the word that differentiates human being from the rest. The path to success is often interspersed by the 3 F’s- Fear, Frustration & Failure and to overcome these 3 F’s we need a fuel called inspiration. Read More

John Doe

IT Services

i-Chimes meet clients' needs, spanning size, scope and SAP footprints across key markets, including Banking, Manufacturing, Diversified Industry and Compliance & Sustainability.Re-imagine what's possible with help from our IT Services. Read More

Naruto Uzumaki

Spoken English & Accent Training

Speak English fluently and with a neutral accent is very challenging. English has become the globally accepted and widely spoken language in the world. We at i-Chimes offer a team of highly experienced tutors using the most modern methods, excellent resources and facilities in fully equipped Language labs. Read More

Naruto Uzumaki


Come and discover your global future. Are you thinking of getting a degree abroad but still undecided?
All you need to know to study abroad-everything from advice on choosing a study destination, to guidance on applying for scholarships, and all other necessary as well as useful information for International studies, you have i-Chimes with you!! Read More


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